Church-hopping at Rizal Countryside

Easter Sunday just came to a close. So in light of the Lenten season, I’d like to share some pictures of my family’s little Catholic road trip around the much unexplored countryside of my home province of Rizal. While we wanted to visit a total of fourteen churches to complete the Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis) for Visita Iglesia, I still think we came up with a pretty decent number in less than a day of driving around and getting lost.

Visita Iglesia
, which translates literally to “church visit” in Spanish, means to explore churches with prayer, meditation and full acknowledgement of Jesus’ sufferings. It is a Holy Week tradition of Roman origin, which is practiced by a number of Filipino Christians by visiting at least seven churches usually starting Maundy Thursday.

Our province, which is just east of of Metro Manila and subdivided into thirteen municipalities and a city, is named after the country’s national hero Jose Rizal. Personally, this place evokes simple, provincial charm with small dashes of Manila-like urbanity scattered all over its generally mountainous terrain. There are many Catholic Churches and religious destinations spread out in Rizal, here’s nine:  Continue reading