Dreadful Weather.

The Philippines, particularly Luzon and the Metro Manila region, isn’t doing so well right now. Quite a number of towns, cities and provinces are now submerged in flood water, which in most places, has already ravaged through houses, schools, hospitals, offices and places of business and there are also various threats of landslide. There’s no tropical storm, but this terrible and non-stop monsoon rain has brought an unusual volume of water—no doubt showing how badly global warming can affect us. Most are either stuck on the roads (a number of which are now impassable) or stranded in their homes, some safe while others are already on their rooftops or trapped in the second floor of their houses.

We implore your help in the form of prayers for our country and countrymen and, if possible, donations through accredited government and/or non-government agencies.

Please click on the links to know how you can help.

Call (632) 931-8101 to 07 or DSWD Nat’l Relief Operations Center at (632) 852-8081

For inquiries, please contact the Ateneo DReaM Team at (632) 697-7168 and email ateneodreamteam@lists.ateneo.edu



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